Internal orders

Products designed by the University, advertising material and conference materials by the Kiel University can now be ordered centrally via the Unishop. Employees of Kiel University will receive special conditions at the Unishop. For this purpose, they must register or log in as internal users*. After registration, university employees receive discounts on all products in the "Special Conditions" category.

For events with external participation, employees also receive free products from the category "conference material" (maximum quantity: 300 pieces per product). The prerequisite for this is that at least one university institution is (co-)organiser. The conference materials can be ordered through the Unishop. After ordering, the products can be picked up in the Department of Public Relations. All other products that are not free of charge will be sent via the Unishop.

Employees of the University do not have to pay for shipping and packaging in the shop if the gross value of the goods exceeds 20 euros.

Internal orderers also have the option of ordering their products on account.

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